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Each of Chamberlin & Hills three vertically moulded DISA Castings production lines is equipped with automatic core loaders and are capable of producing a mould every 15 seconds. This cost-efficient method of manufacture allows Chamberlin & Hill to provide high-quality components at competitive prices. Production Line - DISAMATIC 1

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Core Forming: After making the pattern then comes the core making. The core is made when the casting requires some internal features like a hole. The core is made from the sand of higher purity. Now after making the core comes the mold making. Mold Making: To make the mold we take a wooden box, and then place the pattern in the wooden box.

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Sivyer Steel Casting capabilities include a vertically integrated steel foundry offering our customers a wide range of options that can be tailored to meet their casting needs and specifications. ... Along with all the typical core making, molding, melting and finishing capabilities, we also provide in-house heat treating, ...

TB Wood's Foundry Capabilities

TB Wood's commercial casting capabilities include machining capabilities, molding, core making, pattern making, and melting.


Thermally reclaimed sand is then blended back with mechanically reclaimed sand at the mixers to ensure the proper composition of sand and resin in each mold. This reduces the amou

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Sand Core Making. Cores are produced by blowing, ramming or in heated processes, investing sand into a core box. The finished cores, which can be solid or hollow, are inserted into the mold to provide the internal cavities of the casting before the mold halves are joined. Sand cores are also widely used in die-casting, where permanent metal ...


CFM has over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space. With this infrastructure, we're able to produce castings with unrivaled speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Molding and Core-Making. Melting. Finishing. Machining. Pattern Shop. Quality Assurance. Get in touch with us today and let's discuss your custom casting needs.

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Metal Casting Capabilities. B. W. Supply is a high-quality grey and ductile iron foundry specializing in metal castings from 1 to 8,000 lb. We work with all grades of grey and ductile iron to meet your most exacting specifications. Besides our casting capabilities, our extensive pattern and tooling shop can meet your tooling, pattern making ...

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Home » What We Do » Capabilities » Melting & Casting. WE CAN REALLY POUR IT ON. ... WHEMCO is supported by a world class metallurgical team, an extensive mold inventory, an experienced pattern shop, core making capabilities, …

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What is Sand Casting. Sand casting, known as sand molding casting, is a casting process that uses sand as a mold. Then pour the liquid metal into this mold to create a casting part.It is one of the oldest casting processes. It can be used to make metal components of all sizes, ranging from 1kg to hundred tons.

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Melting. Charlotte's melting capabilities for gray iron castings are top-notch. Our cupola furnace is capable of melting 70 tons per hour and we can hold a combined capacity of 160 tons of molten iron in our channel furnaces. Our Disamatic lines are equipped with Visipour® systems to keep up with higher capacity mold production.

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We have three different methods of molding at Non-Ferrous Casting Company: ... We make both shell core and bench cores in house. ... Melting. Our melting capacity will meet your needs for both small and large castings: Five gas fired furnaces capable of 80-pound heats within 45 minutes (400 pound total melt capacity).

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Melting Our melting capacity will meet your needs for both small and large castings: Five gas fired furnaces capable of 80-pound heats within 45 minutes (400 pound total melt capacity). These furnaces are used in the melting of aluminum, pure copper, and chrome copper alloys.

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The core makes up the internal cavities of the casting. These cores, made manually, can be made from silica, olivine, or chromite sand. But similar to molding (see below), process sheets are created for every core box, so the operator knows exactly how to make them.


Detailed Finishing For Every Production. We have the capabilities to carry out extensive finishing processes. Taking care of every aspect of the casting process, our facility offe

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For Molding: Modern molding machines make casting safer and easier while producing higher quality moldings. Kloster 300 pounds/minute mixer feeding a roller conveyor line; Kloster 1000 pounds/minute mixer feeding floor molding line; For Core Making: Using a core allows a molded part to have an internal cavity.

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Molding Department. Osborne Inliner, 24 x 32 - 10"/8" flask - 275 molds per hour. Osborne 722, 31 x 31 - 14"/12" flask - 50 molds per hour. Georg Fischer Plus-Squeeze Molding System - operates with 38" x 42" x 16"/16" flasks at the rate of 50 molds per hour. Up to 600lb castings. Casting sizes from 10 lb. to 600 lbs.

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Our team of expertly trained engineers and toolmakers are metal casting industry veterans with an extensive knowledge of molding, core making, melting, and finishing. This extensive knowledge, along with our innovative solutions, provides our customers with a competitive edge in operational excellence.

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Our Sand Casting Capabilities WHAT OUR SAND POURING & MELT PROCESS OFFERS: Core Making. Two different core binder systems (no-bake, and oil) gives us many options in making a quality core needed to meet our diverse requests for different alloys, complex shapes and various sizes.

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The processes are listed in order up to the customers chosen finishing or heat treatments if required. At this point, the customer can choose the finish that will best meet their needs. Pattern Making. Core Making. Green Sand Molding. No Bake Molding. Melting and Pouring.

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In October 2019, Kohler installed a new HWS high-performance molding machine. The HWS is a state of the art tight-flask, high speed, horizontally parted cope and drag molding line. Machine Specifications. Flask size of 32" x 42" Cope-over-drag of 10/10" Max mold speed is 240 mph. Equipment Capabilities. Castings from 5 to 200-pounds

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Our cutting-edge foundry delivers a complete range of molding, melting and casting solutions backed by the latest ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. From engineering and design to machining, assembly and testing, we offer superior manufacturing capabilities to tackle all of your iron casting prototype and production needs. Core Room

Casting - SP Foundry

Core. SP Foundry has the capabilities to produce different types of cores weighing anywhere from ounces to hundreds of pounds. Our core production capacity has been strategically matched to our molding capacity to insure a seamless throughput of cores to each of our molding lines.

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Permanent Molding is a versitile process for your mid to high volume needs. The ability to use cores or inserts allows us to produce a casting with dimensional stability with an outstanding surface finish. We can make your high volume production runs with complete control.

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Green sand. All of our green sand molding lines are Sinto matchplate. Two of them are 20"x 24" and one is 32"x 32". We can produce castings from 10 to 180 lb. The total annual capacity for these three lines is 25,000 metric tons. Supporting these lines, we have five core machines: three cold box and two hot box (shell). No bake.

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Precision Molding & Melting Services for Gray Iron Castings Acme Foundry has delivered innovative molding and manufacturing solutions for over a century. Our state-of-the-art foundry is outfitted with the latest mold-making and casting equipment, enabling us to offer precision products with unbeatable quality and consistency in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 …

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CASTING PROCESSES. Norton Cast Products has an extensive range of processing capabilities, including moulding, core making, melting and casting.Many of the projects we undertake are bespoke, working with unusual materials to a technically challenging brief.